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November 2nd, 2015


With warm gratitude and thanks, we appreciate every individual and organization that has sponsored the Chamwino Ngoma Festival in its eight year history. Without this support, the CNF would not happen. Some of our major partners have included St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Chamwino, everyone on the Seattle side of Chamwino Connect, and the Swiss Embassy. Any given year the festival costs nearly $30,000USD, or 60,000,000TZS to produce.

Support is most often financial, but it also includes the many hours of work each of our volunteer staff and volunteer festival committee gives to run CAC and produce the Chamwino Ngoma Festival. Without this kind of support, the CNF would not happen, and CAC would not run. We are grateful. Without our volunteers we are nothing.

Looking forward to the future, CAC has plans to house a multi-media historical archive and a multi-media studio as well as be an education center where anyone can come to experience and learn ngoma. A center of this kind in Chamwino will help preserve and promote Wagogo ngoma initially, and eventually the ngoma of other people groups as well, giving these traditions of expression a place to thrive and grow for generations to come.

A dream like this, in addition to the CNF, cannot run on volunteer power alone.

To these ends, the Chamwino Arts Center is actively seeking partners for development. If you and/or your organization are interested in partnering with CAC for the preservation and promotion of Tanzania’s unique expressions of culture, contact us via this website or send an email to or We’d love to continue to this conversation with you.

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