2016 Festival

Projects, Programs, and Preparations


May 11th, 2016


This month we’ve got lots going on here at the Chamwino Arts Center. Here’s a rundown of the projects and programs in progress here in Chamwino Ikulu.

Earlier this year, our Director came into contact with a Seattle based group called Construction for Change (CfC). We had the privilege of submitting a proposal that would include classrooms, a central office for the Festival, and in short act as a hub for all of CAC’s activities present and future. Our proposal requested CfC’s expertise in construction to finalize the design of the facility and assist in its’ construction as well as partnership in financial aid. The details of this proposal are still under discussion. You can read about other kinds of projects that CfC has funded on their website, here.

On 1st May, Lott Ulanga and Agatha Maloda returned to Tanzania after spending 10 months with Open Space Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria. They were there in the European Volunteer Service, one component of the Art for Social Change program that took eight children from nearby Msanga to Sofia for a youth-exchange (see previous blog post). We are happy and grateful to have them back in Chamwino Ikulu, and actively participating in our community. In an effort to share some of what they learned in their 10 months abroad, CAC is hosing three events co-led by these two. First, on 14th May at 3pm in the CAC Office, they will explain the European Voluntary Service, what it is, who funds it, what it’s goals are, as well as some of their experiences in the program. Other events include a Day of Creativity on 15th June, and Bulgaria Day on 18th June, both in the afternoon. Primarily for children, participants at the Day of Creativity will take part in card making and decoupage, wool accessories, bag painting, and newspaper skills workshops led by Agatha and Lott. At Bulgaria Day these two will share what they learned about Bulgaria, its people, and its culture through games, food, pictures and videos. We here at CAC are pleased and happy that both Lott and Agatha are eager and willing to share what they’ve learned with the broader Chamwino Ikulu community. This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

In February, Chamwino Connect Seattle in coordination with One Day’s Wages and McDonald Miller Facility Solutions raised just over 10,000USD to buy food for the people in Chamwino in hunger relief after the dry year last year. We received word a week or two ago that this amount has been doubled, and so this week the CAC Staff along with the Chamwino Village Council are distributing food again. The Village Chairman expressed his deep gratitude to Dr. Kedmon Mapana and everyone involved in this saying, “Tell them all how much we appreciate this not only once, but twice. May God bless ALL of them there who have helped us here,” (paraphrased). Check out the Chamwino Connect blog for more details.

In the midst of all of this, we are preparing for this year’s Wagogo Music and Dance Festival 22nd-24th July. Visits to groups chosen to preform this year start this week and a committee of volunteers is working on practical logistics such as housing for our many guests. This year’s Festival will host a total of 30 groups, with a handful from outside Dodoma Region. We are eternally grateful to our sponsors for this year’s event, not the least of which is the Swiss Embassy in Dar es Salaam. Other allies for CAC in producing this event include Chamwino Connect Seattle, as well as a handful of generous individuals. Without their support this event would not be possible.

For detailed information about any of these projects and programs, write to director@chamwinoarts.org or admin@chamwinoarts.org and follow us on Twitter @ChamwinoArts, Instagram @ChamwinoArts, and Facebook.com/cactanzania for current updates on all of CAC’s projects and programs.

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