Our Story



Tphotohe Chamwino Arts Centre (CAC) began as a vision of Kedmon Mapana, whose      youth in Chamwino, Dodoma, Tanzania was marked by the community’s regular and  enthusiastic practice of Ngoma. Ngoma, the tradition of expression via music, drumming, dance and storytelling had been a key part of the Wagogo life for centuries. Ngoma transmits history, values, education and identity from the older generations to the younger, and was an important and valued constant in the lives of the Wagogo people of Central Tanzania.

 Ngoma in Peril

As Africa modernizes, centuries of Ngoma traditions are at risk. What has been part of life for centuries may be forever lost within a generation. With the loss of cultural traditions comes the loss of an important component of identity, culture and education, hence the loss of a means for the Tanzanian people to offer their arts to the world.